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Wool Jackets


Lifestyle Wear

We are Shakaloha.

We make wool jackets in Nepal and bring them to you worldwide

Shakaloha brings love & happiness through warmth & protection.

Check out our collection and feel the positive vibrations coming to you through genuine love for craftmanship.

What does SHAKALOHA mean?

SHAKALOHA radiates a positive lifestyle and aims to inspire all people to live and share their passion with love and celebration!

The word SHAKALOHA is build up from the SHAKA, which is the Hawaiian hand greeting with a straight thumb and pinky finger and bend middle fingers and the Hawaiian word ALOHA which means to love is to share the happiness of life! It's about affection, love, peace, passion, compassion and mercy.

SHAKALOHA promotes LOVE and POSITIVITY, KINDNESS, and a PEACEFUL WORLD. Shaka is a Hawaiian hand greeting, Aloha means love, breath, compassion!!

Our mission is to create the awareness of LOVE by bringing positive news of love, tolerance, humanity & creation!

Shakaloha looks at all the positives vibes in this universe that easily outnumbers the vibes you see on the news.

We love abundance and see it in all life those flows every day!

There are no ordinary moments, there is no ordinary life!

SHAKALOHA is your reminder of what you are made of!

The real 4 -season lifestyle jacket

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